AlphaMundi Group earns B Corp Certification™ and joins UN-supported Principles for Responsible Investment

Geneva-based impact investor AlphaMundi Group Ltd today announced that it has been certified as a
B Corporation™, testifying to its commitment toward operating its business as a force for good. The
company also announced that it has signed on to the United Nations-supported Principles for
Responsible Investment (PRI), which address the integration of environmental, social, and
governance (ESG) considerations into investment practices.

B Corp Certification, overseen by the nonprofit organization B Lab, acknowledges businesses that
meet exacting criteria in social and environmental responsibility, transparency, and accountability.
The certification process involves a comprehensive assessment, evaluating aspects such as employee
welfare, community impact, and ecological practices. Companies with B Corp Certification commit to
a balanced approach, prioritizing positive contributions to both societal and environmental well-
being alongside financial considerations.

The UN-supported Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI) are a global initiative guiding investors
to integrate environmental, social, and governance (ESG) factors into decision-making. Launched in
2006, PRI encourages responsible investment practices to foster sustainability and align financial
objectives with broader societal goals. With signatories spanning various sectors, PRI plays a pivotal
role in shaping a more ethical and sustainable investment landscape, promoting long-term value
creation while addressing pressing global challenges.

“Joining these two communities is part of AMG’s strategy to manage its impact in a comprehensive
manner, covering both direct operational impact as well as the impact generated through our
portfolio of investments”, says Pekka Halla, AMG’s lead on impact and ESG. “As an impact investor,
creating positive impact is a fundamental part of our mission. Both the B Corp Certification and the
Principles for Responsible Investment not only help us structure and implement that mission, but
they also provide us with access to exciting communities of like-minded organizations that we hope
will support us in our path of continuous improvement.”

“We are delighted to welcome AlphaMundi Group as a PRI signatory” commented David Atkin, CEO
of the PRI. “Impact investing holds a unique role in the responsible investment industry in helping to
drive positive impacts. We look forward to working together with AlphaMundi on these important

Sébastien Chahidi, Certification Manager (SME) at B Lab Switzerland: “Congratulations to
AlphaMundi Group on achieving B Corp certification and officially joining a purpose-driven business
community in Switzerland! The company’s commitment to balancing profit with purpose is a shining
example of sustainable business practices. Welcome to the Swiss B Corp Community, where
together, we strive to redefine success and create a positive impact on people and the planet. Your
dedication to social and environmental responsibility is truly inspirational, and is also exemplified by
joining the UN PRI. We look forward to the positive change you will bring to our collective mission.
Here’s to a future where business is a force for good.”