AlphaMundi Group publishes its impact report for 2022

We are delighted to announce the release of the AlphaMundi Group 2022 Impact Report, which
provides insights both into our direct operational impact as well as the impact generated by our
investments. Please find the report here.

Over the last year, our team at AlphaMundi has introduced several updates to our approach to
impact (link), and this publication represents the first annual report to follow our new impact
measurement framework. As such, it establishes a baseline for our future impact analysis and

“In its quest for more reliable and more standardized impact measures, our industry has traveled
wide and fast over the last decade”, says Tim Radjy, Founder and Managing Partner of the
AlphaMundi Group. “I find it healthy to remind ourselves that we are already miles ahead of the
mainstream, with less than 1% of the world’s financial assets being able to measure their social and
environmental impact quantitatively. It is my earnest belief that one of the core fiduciary duties of
the impact investment industry is to help the 99% start measuring and reporting their impact.”

Highlights of AlphaMundi’s impact in 2022 include:

USD 50M of outstanding investments supporting the growth of
26 impact ventures in emerging economies.
544,000 consumers, 162,000 microenterprises, and 3,150 SMEs
in emerging economies benefitting from portfolio companies’
products and services.
3,300 permanent staff (38% women) and a further 6,800
temporary workers (43% women) employed by portfolio
Women account for an average 30% of portfolio companies’
managers and 12% of their boards of directors. 70% of portfolio
companies fulfil the 2X Challenge criteria.
93,800 smallholder farmers benefitting from portfolio
companies’ products and services, with 83% reporting an
increase in income during the last year.
85,600 renewable energy products sold by portfolio companies,
helping to avoid over 101,000 tons of CO2 emissions.