Grant Brooke appointed a new CEO with over 21 years of experience in Coca Cola.

On the 27th of January, Grant Brooke, co-founder and executive director of Twiga has announced his decision to step down from his active role in the company.

Twiga is one of AlphaMundi’s 6 portfolio ventures located in Kenya. The company founded in 2014 is dedicated to bridging gaps in food and market security through an organized platform linking farmers with food vendors. Twiga guarantees quality produce, fair pricing, transparent pricing and farming advice in order to build a more efficient and safer food market. In less than 5 years, Twiga stood out as one of Africa’s fastest growing companies.

Mr. Peter Njonjo, former President of Coca Cola Company’s West and Central Africa Business Unit, made up of 33 countries, was appointed to take over Grant Brooke. Mr. Njonjo was the most senior Kenyan at Coca Cola with over twenty-one years of experience. He led the acquisition of Chi Beverages Nigeria in a USD 550M transaction. Additionally, he was appointed President of the American Chamber of Commerce in Kenya, has occupied the position of director of the American Business Council in Nigeria and has been voted among the top 100 young leaders in Africa by Forbes Africa and “Top 40 under 40” by The Business Daily in Kenya.

In addition to having a great knowledge of African commerce, Mr. Njonjo also has a clear understanding of Twiga’s vision and mission as he is one of the company’s former non-executive director.

Citing Grant Brooke: If my leadership was the period in which Twiga was proving a point that there’s a better way to build food safe and secure markets, Peter’s leadership will be about institutionalizing this way of doing business and scaling it”

This promising change of lead heralds a bright future for one of Africa’s most successful start-ups. The professional background of its new CEO should allow the company to develop its B2B supply chain.

As for Brooke, he will retain his executive role, keeping a close eye on the company’s development.