The SocialAlpha Investment Fund was legally registered in 2009 in Luxembourg as a SICAV-FIS, the French acronym for a Specialised Investment Fund with Variable Capital. 

The fund is governed by its Private Placement Memorandum and self-managed by its Board of Directors, and subject to the law on Alternative Investment Fund Managers. Members of the Board of Directors can be appointed by AlphaMundi, subject to regulator approval. 

The Board has delegated most of the fund’s investment activities to a Swiss advisor, AlphaMundi, which formed the fund in the first place, and has been managing it since inception. The fund portfolio is managed and developed by the AlphaMundi team, under the aegis of a dedicated Investment Committee. 

The fund is an open-ended investment vehicle with quarterly NAV reports and liquidity options for its investors. The fund’s fiscal year ends on 30 June, and its audited financial statements are produced by PWC. 

The fund is administered by Société Générale. The fund’s Share Class A has a 2-months redemption notice and requires commitments of USD 1M at least. Share Class B has a 3-months redemption notice and is open to commitments of USD 150K to USD 1M by Qualified Investors. Share Class C is reserved for the fund’s US feeder in Delaware, which caters to US Qualified Investors. 

The fund’s quarterly NAV is published on FundSquare and Bloomberg. The fund’s impact is measured by the AlphaMundi Foundation using IRIS+ indicators aligned on the SDGs, and governed by the IFC Principles.