Powering Agriculture Investment Alliance


We provide subsidized technical assistance as part of Powering Agriculture: An Energy Grand 

Challenge for Development (PAEGC), funded by USAID, SIDA, GIZ, Duke Energy and OPIC to catalyze 

private sector financing for businesses providing clean energy solutions that increase agriculture 

productivity in developing countries. Please see the press release.


See a list of grant recipients below:




Key Results to Date

Launched or completed 22 projects with 17 SMEs in 8 countries. It has catalyzed an expected USD 10M+ private sector investment capital as of March 31, 2020.

Initiated an impact measurement study with a bio-digester company to evaluate sales performance along gender lines.

Delivered an R&D grant to support the first mass-market approach to solar powered ice-making in East and West Africa.

Leveraged over USD 520K+ of in-kind and cash contributions from TA recipients.


Sanergy is collecting organic waste, processing it, and turning it into fuel and feed. Sanergy’s grant is funding a technical business model review to help scale up its use of insect-based protein and of renewable energy in all operations. Most recently, the validation of the full-scale processes and facility design for Sanergy’s Black Soldier Fly facility is now complete.


SunCulture designs and sells solar irrigation systems that help smallholder African farmers to improve crop yields and quality. The grant financed SunCulture’s expansion of the pay-as-you-grow mobile payment plan for its flagship product, the RainMaker. As of summer 2019, co-founder Samir Ibrahim said, “The support AlphaMundi provided… has helped create a robust lending process which will enable us to better serve our customers. Our Pay-As-You-Grow financing platform is now more efficient, secure, and robust.”

Amped Innovation

Amped Innovation designs and manufactures solar home systems with 6x the power handling capacity of competing lighting systems at just a
third of the cost. Its strategy is using the fewer but higher quality components, allowing for savings without sacrificing performance. Amped Innovation received a grant to move their solar-powered ice-maker from product R&D to large scale distribution, launched in Q1 2019. This will be the first mass-market approach to solar powered ice-making in East and West Africa.


Sistema.bio is a Mexican certified B-Corporation that manufactures, distributes, sells and installs biodigesters, which transform livestock waste into organic fertilizer for crops and biogas for use in cookstoves, motorized farm equipment and electrical generators. Sistema.bio received two grants in Q4 2018: (1) a technical assistance project to develop product suppliers, distribution partners and service providers to strengthen the supply chain, improve operational efficiencies and meet the large demand for agricultural energy products in a new market. (2) An evaluation of sales and loan repayment performance to inform the development of gender-specific interventions. Both projects kicked off in Q2 2019, catalyzing an added $1.5M of private investment, and are now completed.


CorpoCampo is the market leader in Colombia among producers of hearts-of-palm and açaí, with over 90% market share in both products. The Foundation supported a feasibility study in 2019 that evaluated the financial, technical, design and social impact of transforming the current açaí value chain to solar.

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