Invest2030 is a webinar series aiming at raising awareness among mainstream financial institutions and asset managers about the availability of investment products that offer attractive risk-adjusted financial returns together with a net positive economic, social and environmental impact, across a spectrum of asset classes, sectors and geographies. The webinars are designed for financial industry professionals and qualified investors of the Swiss market, to help them build a comprehensive product offering and shift portfolio allocations to sustainable and impactful investments.

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May 24: SDG 15, Life on Land

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October 7: SDG 3, Good-Health & Well-Being

This webinar highlights products aiming at improving Health.  Three fund managers, selected by our investment committee, discussed how financial products can have a positive impact Health:

  • The Concscious Fund
  • NN Health & Well-Being
  • New Emerging Medical Opportunities Fund V

We also had the pleasure to hear from Mamotest, a social entreprise selected by UNDP in the Growth Stage Impact Venture program.

June 24: SDG 7: Affordable & Clean Energy;  SDG 13: Climate Action.

This webinar highlights products that can help us combat climate change and its impact.  Three fund managers, selected by our investment committee, discussed what financial products can have a positive impact on climate action:

  • Trium ESG Emissions Impact Fund 
  • BlueOrchard Emerging Markets Climate Bond Strategy
  • Suma Capital Energy Efficiency III Fund

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May 27: SDG 5: Gender Equality; SDG 10: Reduced Inequalities

This webinar highlights products aiming at reducing inequalities .  The following funds were presented:

  • Women and Children’s Health Technology Fund
  • Beacon Fund
  • Care-SheTrade Impact Fund


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