History & Mission


On an aggregate basis from inception to 31dec2020, debt co-investments have delivered a USD gross IRR of 7.9%. Equity co-investments have achieved an indicative USD gross IRR of 4.4% based on equity rounds or transactions, with no equity divestment to date, and the prospect of double-digit returns. The combined USD equity and debt performance of co-investments is a net IRR of 5.7% by 31dec2020.


The AlphaMundi Foundation’s mission is to catalyze and scale investment in impact ventures that seek to improve the lives of the poor and preserve the environment in developing countries.

AMF achieves its mission by measuring the impact of the AlphaMundi Group’s investment activities, providing technical assistance to AMG portfolio and advanced pipeline companies, developing innovative philanthropic and blended finance instruments, and contributing to field building and the development of the impact investing marketplace through research, educational events, industry standards and multi-sector partnerships.