SocialAlpha Fund

Since 2009, the SocialAlpha impact debt fund finances early-and growth-stage entrepreneurial solutions to the SDGs in Latin America and Sub-Saharan Africa, across sectors including Financial Inclusion, Sustainable Food and Renewable Energy, using a Gender Lens and with an emphasis on rural development.

Mission & History

Reduce poverty & preserve the environment…


The SocialAlpha Investment Fund was legally registered in 2009 in Luxembourg as a SICAV-FIS…

Board & IC

Board & IC


SocialAlpha-Bastion finances businesses that can build a sustainable future for all while generating attractive financial returns.

Funding application

Impact Ventures, including cooperatives and SMEs, operating primarily in Latin America or Sub-Saharan Africa…

Investor Portal

Investor portal


Alphamundi is investing in companies combining impact with financial return, based on a value chain approach. We managed funds address the SDGs…

Contact us: info@alphamundi.ch